Putting People First


Instead of giving tax breaks to big corporations, the federal government needs to invest in people by encouraging infrastructure improvements, broadband expansion, and subsidies to small family farms and sustainable technology that will provide “green collar jobs.”

Health Care

I support Medicare for All. We deserve freedom from worry—the ability to save for ourselves and our families without the fear that a catastrophic health event could destroy all our hopes for the future. A healthy community leads to healthy economic development and business growth.


My wife Karen was a public school teacher in the Kingston school district for 20 years. Today’s highly competitive global economy requires that we have the best-educated workforce. This means affordable, high quality education from the earliest stages of schooling through advanced degrees.


I oppose all attempts at privatizing VA medical services. Comprehensive health and retirement benefits are the backbone of an all-volunteer armed services, and Congress must fully fund VA programs that guarantee veterans receive timely access to high quality, comprehensive, and veteran-centric care at no added cost to veterans.


I am fully pro-choice and believe we need to stop treating Planned Parenthood funding like a political football. It is also important that we continue to require workplace health insurance to provide birth control free of charge. I am passionate about equal pay for equal work because women deserve to make what their male counterparts make.


After years of hard work and sacrifice, our seniors should have stable Medicare benefits, affordable prescription drugs, and the security that Social Security will remain sustainable now and for future generations. Congress must be able to negotiate with the pharmaceutical industry, which has held carte blanche on drug prices long enough.

Opiod Epidemic

Opioid addition is ravaging our communities. Overcoming addiction requires wrap-around services. I will advocate for prevention education, access to treatment, access to mental health treatment, good medical care and follow up service. Every person we save from addiction makes a world of difference.

Human & Civil Rights

I have spent my career fighting for the civil rights of others and I will continue to fight for everyone in this district. We especially need to protect the inherent right of all people to live free from discriminationdiscrimination because of sex, age, creed, race, and national origin, as well as gender identity, sexual orientation, or disability

Clean Air and Water

Climate change is real, dangerous, and getting worse as the size of recent hurricanes has made all too clear. To meet this challenge, I believe we must be proactive. This means the creation and expansion of green jobs to boost demand in the economy while reducing unemployment.