Investing in Our Future


Our Healthcare

Dave understands the need for affordable and comprehensive healthcare all too well. When his newborn daughter had a life-threatening disorder some 30 years ago, his insurance carrier tried to claim it was a pre-existing condition. From that day forward, Dave has pledged to do all he can to ensure that no family has to experience the agony that his went through. Now, Dave is pushing back against Republican attempts to repeal the Affordable Care Act because, while it’s not perfect, he will not sit by and let insurance companies set the rules again. Unfortunately, we have seen John Faso’s relentless effort to take away health insurance from New Yorkers firsthand and we cannot give him to opportunity to take it away again.

Building A Green Energy Future

Climate change is real, dangerous, and getting worse as the size of recent hurricanes has made all too clear. To meet this challenge, Dave believes we must be proactive. This means the creation and expansion of green jobs to boost demand in the economy while reducing unemployment, making America more competitive in the global economy, and protecting public health. For every million dollars spent on clean energy projects, in renewable energy, transit and energy efficiency, more than three times the number of jobs are created than in the traditional energy industry. Dave believes we should be retooling old factories throughout Upstate New York to make wind turbines and create renewable technologies. Investing in wind and solar power not only means clean air and water, but a healthier environment for our children, as well as good-paying jobs and careers.

Supporting Rural Communities

Rural America is the nation’s final frontier, and in the future much of our country’s growth will be in regions like ours. At the same time, our farmland is a precious resource and key to a robust economy in the 19th District. It enhances the natural beauty and is a magnet for the region’s tourism industry. In the New York Metropolitan Area just to the south of us, the ever-growing farm-to-table movement provides a tremendous economic opportunity for our District. This means we need to improve our access to broadband, invest in our infrastructure, and demand no less than world-class schools.

Fighting for Women

Dave Clegg is unapologetically pro-choice and believes we need to stop treating Planned Parenthood funding like a political football. A healthy country requires healthy families and a commitment to freedom and dignity as fundamental human rights. He is passionate about equal pay for equal work because women deserve to make exactly what their male counterparts make for the same day’s work. The fact that we’re still having a discussion about gender equality and denying women full control over their own bodies is a sign of just how far back John Faso and Donald Trump are taking us.

Safeguarding Human & Civil Rights

In these perilous times for our country, it’s more important than ever to foster mutual respect and understanding among all groups.  We especially need to protect the inherent right of all people to live free from discriminationdiscrimination because of sex, age, creed, race, and national origin, as well as gender identity, sexual orientation, or disability. Discrimination in all its forms must be vigorously challenged and overcome.  Dave has spent his career fighting for the civil rights of others and he can be counted on to fight to protect the rights of all of us.

Serving Our Veterans

Dave believes it is critical that Congress ensures that an adequate Veterans Administration system will minister to the millions of current and future veterans. He opposes all attempts at privatizing VA medical services. Comprehensive health and retirement benefits are the backbone of an all-volunteer armed services, and Congress must fully fund VA programs that guarantee veterans receive timely access to high quality, comprehensive, and veteran-centric care at no added cost to veterans. This requires modernizing the VA’s scheduling system and creating timely and accurate disability ratings, which are the gateway to compensation and other benefits. The VA must be given the resources it needs to meet the diverse needs of its 6 million patients, who include members of the Vietnam War generation as well as those who served in the Middle East and elsewhere more recently. And it must lead the nation in healing the epidemic of suicides among veterans. In addition, Congress must make it a priority to ensure that veterans can obtain meaningful employment after leaving military service by creating strong employment and training programs.

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