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Fighting for People - Not Corporate Interests
Dave's Story
Meet Dave Clegg
Dave Clegg is the only candidate for Congress who has lived in and worked for this district for his entire career. After spending the last 37 years in New York's 19th Congressional District fighting for people against predatory corporate practices, he's ready to bring that fight to Congress. In addition to his work as a trial attorney taking on and beating corporations like Wal-Mart on behalf of working people, Dave is the Chair of the Ulster County Human Rights Commission, has coached youth basketball for decades, and works for Habitat for Humanity and Family of Woodstock. Dave has worked tirelessly to help those who have less get ahead in life, and now he's running for Congress so he can put the people of this district first, not corporations and special interests. People are tired of representatives who are looking out for their donors and political bosses. People are demanding representatives who serve them, not themselves. Dave’s record of service to the community demonstrates that, with our help and support, he will be a true representative of the people.
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Dave's Priorities
What Dave Cares About Most
Dave is going to Congress to finally give our district the representation it deserves. That includes fighting for Medicare for all - his infant daughter had her health care taken away when she was born with life-threatening issues, and he believes no person or family should ever have to choose between getting the care they need and paying their bills. Dave will also build on his legal experience standing up for working people in the face of corporate power to ensure that every person gets the wages, benefits, and work place protections they deserve. He wants to take control back from the powers that be and give it to the hard working Americans who far too often don't have a voice at the negotiating table. Dave knows we can do this by getting money out of politics so that elected officials are only beholden to the people who represent them, not special interests. In addition, Dave will stand up to Donald Trump and his assault on the pillars of our Democracy, protecting our free press and the integrity of our elections.
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