Dave Clegg for Congress.

It’s time the people of NY-19
had someone to fight for them.

Meet Dave

Self Starter

Dave Clegg understands what hardworking families are going through. He grew up living paycheck to paycheck and put himself through college, then law school. This background has led him to a lifetime of fighting for working people in the Mid-Hudson valley.

Husband & Father

Dave has been married to Karen Clegg, a retired schoolteacher in the Kingston School District, for over 40 years. They raised their two children in Ulster County and sent them to local public schools.

Leader & Teacher

Dave is the Chairperson of the Ulster County Human Rights Commission and serves on the boards of Family of Woodstock, Midtown Rising, and Caring Hands Soup Kitchen. Dave teaches college-level courses at Woodbourne Prison through the Rising Hope program.


Dave is deeply involved with his local community. He is Deacon of the United Methodist Church in Kingston, has been coaching inner-city boys basketball for 20 years, and has been an advocate for abused women and children, immigrants, and members of the LGBTQ community.


Dave believes in alternatives to the school-to-prison pipeline. He teaches college-level courses at Woodbourne Prison with the Rising Hope Program. Through the Human Rights Commission he has promoted Restorative Justice as an alternative to traditional school discipline policies.


Whether serving in VISTA fighting for Native Americans rights, serving on the board of the Caring Hands Soup Kitchen, or taking on health insurance companies when a serious medical emergency struck his family and his provider refused to cover the costs, Dave has never backed down from tough fights.

Dave has been fighting for our community for a lifetime.

It’s time we send him to Washington!

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